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Welcome to Kaw Nation
Welcome to our new and revised website.

This website is built for tribal citizens and site visitors to seek answers to the many services we offer. We encourage you to contact individual departments.

Thank you for visiting and come back anytime.

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Kaw Word of the Week

ánmanche ‘next' | Listen | Puzzle

Ex:nba wakándagi ánmanche shídohinga wíta agítonbeci ble ta minkhé. ‘I will go to see my son next week.’

Click here to download the Kaw Dictionary.

Visit the WebKanza to explore the Kaw language.

Kanza Wellness Center

As you try to keep warm through the winter, stop by the Kanza Wellness Center to heat up your muscles. The Kanza Wellness Center contains an array of machines and equipment to suit your goals. Feel free to ask our trainers for help or training advice. Our pool is heated if you need a relaxing swim.
Take a look at the classes we offer.
Try our workouts, which are designed for different skill sets.
Keep track of your exercise with our printable workout logs.
Domestic Violence Program
Kaw Nation is opening a new domestic violence program. This will be a comprehensive program that serves Native American women who are victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Direct services include emergency crisis and legal advocacy and counseling.

See a list of additional services for intimate domestic violence victims.

Kanza Health Clinic

The Kanza Health Clinic is committed to providing a continuum of care for Native Americans, with primary care, dental care and other services. The clinic operates by appointment only.

Visit the Kanza Health Clinic website to explore the services.

Read about the upcoming expansion of the clinic.

Get essential information about the health care exemption for Native Americans.
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Election of Vice-Chair

Election of Vice-chair
Congratulations to Lynn Dunson who was elected as the new Kaw Nation Vice-Chair.


    2016 Kanza Health Fair

    [ September 9, 2016; 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. ] 2016 Kanza Health Fair
    September 9th, 2016

    8:30 am Fun walk
    9 am Health Fair
    11 am Lunch
    12 Close

    Free Health Screenings!
    Door Prizes!

    Johnnie Ray McCauley Bldg.
    3251 E River Rd. Newkirk, Ok
    (1 mile East of the stoplight)

    For more information contact: 3251
    Tamara Holden
    (580)-362-1039 ext 207

    Download A Flyer Here!


      Official Results for the September 11, 2016 Kaw Nation Election

      Official Results for the September 11, 2016 Kaw Nation Election
      Click here for more information.
      For Vice-Chair:
      Roy L. Ball 24 absentee votes, 39 walk in votes, and the total of 63
      Lynn W. Dunson 31 absentee votes, 45 walk in votes, and the total of 76
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