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Welcome to Kaw Nation
Welcome to our new and revised website.

This website is built for tribal citizens and site visitors to seek answers to the many services we offer. We encourage you to contact individual departments.

Thank you for visiting and come back anytime.

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Kaw Words of the Week

Wábaha - 'The Big Dipper'

Click here to download the Kaw Dictionary.

Visit the WebKanza to explore the Kaw language.

Beginning Tuesday January 24, 2017 at 5pm family language classes will return, and will be continuing every Tuesday night for 12 weeks. For more information and to download a flyer, click here.
Kaw Nation Domestic Violence Program

Women are sacred. Break the Pattern. Envision Change. Empower Hope.

A woman living a life without violence carries strength and beauty in her spirit and laughs and loves from deep within.

February is Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Learn More About Kaw Nation Domestic Violence Program
Attention Hunting & Fishing License holders: Kaw Nation EPA is currently updating our current Hunting & Fishing License system, to better serve the tribal community. We are in the process of collecting information from all Hunting & Fishing license holders. Kaw Nation EPA is asking all Hunting & Fishing license holders to contact us.

Please contact Francine Hackett or Whitney Killscrow by phone, email or by mail. Francine Hackett
Kaw Nation EPA Director
Drawer 50, Kaw City, OK 74641
Phone: 580-269-1203
Kanza Health Clinic

The Kanza Health Clinic is committed to providing a continuum of care for Native Americans, with primary care, dental care and other services. The clinic operates by appointment only.

Visit the Kanza Health Clinic website to explore the services.

Read about the upcoming expansion of the clinic.

Get essential information about the health care exemption for Native Americans.
Kaw Nation Kicks Off “Children Are Our Priority” Campaign
“There’s no greater joy than the sound of happy children…” are the words being heard throughout the community on local radio stations. The spots, featuring a message recorded by Chairwoman Jacque Secondine-Hensley, are part of the Kaw Nation’s recently campaign entitled “Children Are Our Priority”
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Jacque Secondine Hensley – Chair


I am very pleased to be able to address you through our updated website and new Kaw newsletter. As I had mentioned in my Inaugural address, I had plans for making changes here at Kaw Nation and from day one I have set on a course to modernize and streamline how we will do business here at Kaw Nation. We have made many changes and many more will be made in the future. Some of these changes were not easy to make but in the long run, these changes will save money and allow for more direct services to be made to Kaw Nation Members which should always be one of our primary goals.

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    Memorial service

    A graveside memorial service for Mitchell Pepper son of Luther Pepper of Ponca City and Faith Goehring of South Dakota will be held February 18th, 2017 at Kaw Nation Washunga Cemetary just North of Newkirk at 12:00 p.m. A reception will follow at the Stage Coach Event Center in Newkirk.



      Mrs. Clara Littlewalker Quote

      “I ain’t got no home of my own.
      I ain’t really had much in my life.
      But I’m Kaw and I’m proud of it.
      I’m so happy today.
      We old people ain’t got much longer.
      So you young people have got to take over.
      Get educated, get good jobs, and do the best you can – but don’t ever forget that […]



          I would like to…