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WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice announced today a policy addressing the ability of members of federally recognized Indian tribes to possess or use eagle feathers, an issue of great cultural significance to many tribes and their members. Attorney General Eric Holder signed the new policy after extensive department consultation with tribal leaders and tribal groups. The policy covers all federally protected birds, bird feathers and bird parts.

Federal wildlife laws such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act generally criminalize the killing of eagles and other migratory birds and the possession or commercialization of the feathers and other parts of such birds. These important laws are enforced by the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior and help ensure that eagle and other bird populations remain healthy and sustainable.

At the same time, the Department of Justice recognizes that eagles play a unique and important role in the religious and cultural life of many Indian tribes. Many Indian tribes and tribal members have historically used, and today continue to use federally protected birds, bird feathers or other bird parts for their tribal cultural and religious expression.

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AARP Oklahoma Honors Chairman Munroe, Mary Butler at Indian Elders Honors; Announces Inter-Tribal Community Group

AARP Oklahoma Honors Chairman Munroe, Mary Butler at Indian Elders Honors; Announces Inter-Tribal Community Group

Oklahoma City, Okla. – Kaw Chairman Guy Munroe and Tribal Citizen Mary Butler were among more than 45 Indian elders recognized at the 4th Annual AARP Indian Elder Honors held recently in Oklahoma City.

Tribal officials, friends and family members converged on the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum along with AARP state, regional and national officials to recognize language preservationists, artists, dancers, ministers, authors, patriarchs and matriarchs that have impacted their tribes, communities and state.

AARP also announced the formation of an Inter-Tribal Community Group that will meet on community issues and is open to all 50+ Native Americans in Oklahoma. To find more information or join this group, e-mail ok@aarp.org or call 1-866-295-7277.

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Secretary Vilsack Announces that America’s Farm Co-ops Set Records in 2011

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2012 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said today that farmer, rancher and fishery cooperatives posted record sales and income in 2011, surpassing the previous record sales year of 2008 by $10 billion while besting the old income record by $500 million. Dallas Tonsager, under secretary for Rural Development, made the announcement on the Secretary’s behalf, kicking-off National Cooperative Month. Tonsager said co-op employment levels remained strong, with cooperatives employing 184,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal workers, up slightly from 2010.
“These new cooperative sales and income records for 2011 underscore the strength and productivity of the nation’s farmer- and rancher-owned cooperatives, and the vital role they play in the nation’s economy,” said Tonsager. “Primarily because of mergers, the number of farm co-ops continued to decline, but memberships and asset values are up.”

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