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Johnson O’Malley Program School Supplies Distribution and School Clothing Gift Cards

Johnson O’Malley Program School Supplies Distribution and School Clothing Gift Cards

School supplies will be available to be picked up August 6 to 8 at the Johnnie Ray McCauley Gym located at 3251 East River Road, Newkirk, OK 74647, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You must have your Johnson O’Malley application, income verification and tribal roll card/CDIB turned in to the education department no later than July 31 to receive school supplies. You may send the necessary information to: Kaw Nation Education Department P.O. Box 50 Kaw City, OK 74641, or fax (580) 269-2116 or email atennant@kawnation.com.

School Clothing Gift Cards

School clothing gift cards will be available starting July 28 and ending August 29. We will be giving gift cards for JC Penny and Wal-Mart. The cards will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. We will not reserve any cards. We will also not be mailing any cards out. Everyone will have to either pick their student’s gift card up or send a family member. The cards may be picked up from the social service office at 698 Grandview Drive Kaw City, OK 74641, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you are not mailed an application, you may fill one out when you come to pick up the gift card.


The social service office is now located beside the main office in what used to be the EPA building.

Also, if you did not turn receipts in last year, your child is not eligible for school clothing assistance this year unless you can produce receipts.

Icehouse installed



Kaw Nation installed an icehouse at the west end of the headquarters in Kaw City on July 8. This allows people convenient 24-hour access to pick up ice. The icehouse will be fully operational by the end of the week.

People can drive through from Grandview Drive to pick up ice. The icehouse produces 16-pound and 20-pound bags of ice. Credit card and cash payments are accepted.

The icehouse was obtained using Indian Community Development Block Grant funding.

Washunga Days Powwow

Kaw Nation celebrated the Washunga Days Powwow on June 20 and 21 in Council Grove, Kan., continuing their Kansas story. Tribal Council Secretary Elaine Huch related to the crowd how the powwow tradition is more than dances in an arena.

“This is not a once-a-year thing. This is how we live,” she said.

Luther Pepper presented the Luther Pepper Lifetime Achievement Award to Ron Parks on Friday. Parks was the Kaw Mission administrator. He wrote the “Voices of the Wind” play and “The Darkest Period,” a book released in April about the nation’s time in Council Grove from 1847 to 1873.

“It is a deep honor to receive this award named for Luther Pepper, who, in my time here at the Kaw Mission, gave the gift of trust in embarking on a series of collaborative programs that the Kaw Mission, the town of Council Grove and the Kaw Nation did together. He and other leaders of the Kaw Nation were so receptive and worked so hard to affect a peaceful relationship where we were able to create those programs,” Parks said.

Before giving the opening prayer on Saturday, Curtis Kekahbah reflected on a visit to burial grounds in the area.

“They said that when they told the Kanza they would have to leave, they mourned for months because they would have to leave their graves behind, leave their people behind,” he said.

Robert Allen shook off fears to give strong leadership as head man dancer.

“He was nervous, but he came through in good form,” said Ken Bellmard.

As the powwow ended on Saturday, Pepper, whom Council Grove residents have long admired, gave a tearful sendoff thanking them for their warmth.

“We miss you throughout the year outside Washunga Days and Voices of the Wind,” he said.

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