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Kaw Nation Donates to Kildare Fire Department

Kildare Donation

Kaw Nation delivered a generous gift to the Kildare Fire Department on Wednesday that raises the capability of the department. Tribal Chairman Guy Munroe presented Kildare Fire Chief Travis Harris with $15,000 for a hydraulic extrication—Jaws of Life—set.

“I appreciate everything you have done for us,” Harris told Munroe and the Kaw Nation Tribal Council. “This will help serve the community of Kay County and Kildare. We don’t just serve Kildare, but also Newkirk, Blackwell, Kaw City.”

The set consists of five tools, including a power unit, cutter, spreader, ram and hoses.

Without the Jaws of Life, the department only has hand tools to get people out of a vehicle.

Equipment upgrades are often out of reach for the Kildare Fire Department. The crew runs on an average budget of $14,900. Hence, the Jaws of Life set would have typically cost more than a year of expenses for the department.

The donation will also help with training for proper use of the Jaws of Life tools.

“This is going to increase department training,” Harris said. “This is a very intent, concentrated training.”

Harris said that having the set will allow his firemen to respond to a greater variety of situations.

“In October, when there was the pileup on I-35, we would have been there if we had this,” he said.

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