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Chilocco Flag Presentation

IMG_9883Kaw Nation, along with the other tribes of the Council of Confederated Chilocco Tribes, received recognition from University Multispectral Laboratories for their contributions to national security. Tribal Chairman Guy Munroe took one of the flags flown in Afghanistan in honor of Kaw Nation and the other tribes.

Oklahoma Secretary of Science and Technology Stephen McKeever spoke on behalf of Governor Mary Fallin, commending the tribes for their support of the military.
“Through their cooperation, the tribes have been a foundation for turning the former Chilocco tribal school into the go-to place for the Department of Defense and other agencies for training and testing,” he said. “For this reason, the men and women of our armed forces have reaped the benefits of these facilities by the efforts of the Council of the Confederated Chilocco Tribes.”

Major General Al Goodberry, the acting deputy director of UML, told of a speech that UML Executive John Dollan gave to sailors at his commanding post.
“Let us fly a flag while we are flying missions over Afghanistan so that you may give them to the tribes with whom you work,” a sailor is recalled as saying after Dollan told them about UML’s activity at Chilocco.

The plate on the shadow box of the flag presented read, “On behalf of the men and women of the armed forces of the United States, the UML recognizes the Council of Confederated Chilocco Tribes’ contributions to the national security of the United States through the Chilocco partnership.”

A certificate, a UML coin and a brass plate were also awarded.

Veterans representing each of the tribes attended.

Lloyd Pappan said that he was happy to see that the sailors recognized the contributions made at Chilocco.

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