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Kanza Travel Plaza to Be Expanded.


Construction began Monday on renovations for the Kanza Travel Plaza at the Interstate 35 interchange in Braman. Upgrades include an expanded trucker’s lounge and improved truck fuel stations.

The new trucker’s lounge will include four new showers, a laundry room and a lounge room. The showers will be larger than the current ones, with toilets and sinks. The laundry room will have four washers and four dryers.

Kanza art will be displayed in the travel plaza near the trucker’s lounge.

The expansion of the trucker’s lounge will extend the travel plaza by 1,863 square feet on the east end.

Each of the six fuel dispensers will have pumps for diesel exhaust fluid, along with the diesel fuel pumps. The diesel exhaust fluid pumps will be covered by cabinets that heat it since it has a higher freezing point than diesel.

Before travel plazas began building dispensers with diesel exhaust fluid, truck drivers had to buy it in containers inside the store.

Construction on the fuel stations is expected to begin later this week.

The current timeline projects the work to be finished in September. Rick Scott Construction is overseeing the project.

The travel plaza and fuel stations will remain open during construction. Most of the coolers in the travel plaza will be removed during the process, but customers will still be able to access beverages and other chilled merchandise. Three of the diesel fuel dispensers will be shut down at a time while being renovated while the other three stay open.

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