Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Discover Salina Naturally


Kaw Nation gave a dance exhibition on Sunday in Salina, Kan., at the Discover Salina Naturally festival, an afternoon dedicated to Salina’s nature.

Kaw Nation Tribal Council Secretary Elaine Huch thanked the Discover Salina Naturally festival board for inviting the nation and spoke of how the Earth is considered in tribal decision-making.

“As Chief Seattle said many, many, many years ago—and I’m paraphrasing this—‘Whatever decisions you make, think of how it will affect seven generations down.’ Being on Tribal Council, we make some pretty important decisions. And when we make decisions, we pray on it. And we ask for God’s wisdom. We think about how it will affect our children and our children’s children,” she said.

They demonstrated the grand entry, a memorial dance, round dances, the southern cloth dance and the fancy shawl dance. Also, a song was dedicated to families of veterans.

Head Singer Kinsel Lieb explained to the crowd how the singers cherish the arena and the drum.

“To go along with this sacred circle that was referred to earlier by my brother [Curtis Kekahbah], we all can admonish the ways of this circle, both Indians and non-Indians,” he said.  “We treat this drum with utmost respect. We cherish this drum because it has many, many meanings to all of us, both spiritually and physically.”

Other Discover Salina Naturally activities included a nature walk led by the Smoky Hills Audubon Society and plant displays.

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