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In March 2010, the Kaw Nation Veterans Society created an Honor Wall dedicated to Kaw tribal members who served their country. The Wall is located in new Community Center.






Honor Wall of deceased Kaw veterans

If you have any information regarding a Kaw Veteran who has passed away and is
not on the list below, please notify us so we may keep our veterans list current.

Address information to be listed at the Community Center:
Kaw Nation Veterans
P.O. Box 50
Kaw City, OK 74641

Send any information for this page to tfirme@kawnation.com

Kaw veterans by branch of military


Air Force

Kevin Lance BabbyTerry Wayne BabbyRoy Lee Ball, Vietnam

Cleo Bellmard

Fred Bellmard

Joseph Napolean Bellmard, 1863-65, Civil War

Moses Bellmard, World War I

Theodore Roosevelt Bellmard, World War II

Jack Benbrook, Korea

Jimmie Glen Benbrook, 1961-64

Frank Bowker

James Darnell Bowker

Gene Burnett, World War II

Jim Burnett, World War II

Elmer Clark

Thearn Delano, 1943-45, World War II

Kenneth Eads, World War II

John Eads, World War II

Forrest Byron Eads, World War II and Korea

Lawrence B. James, 1950-51, Korea

Curtis Kekahbah

Ernest Joe Kekahbah, 1943-45, World War II

Toby Lavers

Morgan LeClair

William B. LeClair, 1942-46, World War II

Skyler Mathews, 2007-present, Afghanistan

Clyde McCauley

Jesse C. Mehojah Sr., 1963-1966

William A. Mehojah, 1942-45, Army World War II

Johnny Means

Russell Eugene Means

Clyde Monroe

Abram Munroe, Civil War

Gene Munroe, World War I

Guy G. Munroe, World War I

Guy Munroe Jr., World War II

Guy Gene Munroe

Munroe (Tag-sug-gee), Civil War

Joseph Edward Murray

Bobby Jack Pappan, 1967-68, Vietnam

Gene B. Pappan

Henry Pappan, 1863-1865, Civil War

Jerry Pappan, Vietnam

Johnnie Guy, Pappan

Johnny Ray Pappan, Vietnam

Jonsie Keenan Pappan, World War II

Lloyd Pappan

Louis Pappan, 1863-65, Civil War

William Louis Pappan, World War I

Alfred Pepper

Luther Pepper

Clay Sumner, 1945-46

Houston Taylor, 1944-45, World War II

Dan Test

Irving Villa, Korea

LeWayne Villa, Korea

Raymond Villa, Korea

Brian Michael Wall, 1987-2003

Earl L. Williams, 1965-67

Marvin E. Williams, 1990-94, Operation Desert Storm


Buford Pappan, 1959-61

Robert Fronkier, 1976-79

Patrick Eugene Babby

David Bellmard

Kennis M. Bellmard, World War II

Robert Burnett

Marcell Eads Sr., 1943-44

Elton Fronkier

Charles “Sonny” Holloway, World War II

David Lavers

Eddie Littlewalker, World War II

Newman Littlewalker Jr.

Johnnie Ray McCauley

Donald Gene Pappan

Jimmy C. Pappan, 1958-62

Jimmie L. Pappan, World War II

Kenneth Pappan

Phillip Pappan

Jack C. Stout, 1948-68, Korea

Percy Taylor, 1957-61

Joe Thompson

John E. Thompson

Larry Dean Triplett, 1958-62

LeWayne Villa

Raymond Villa

Richard E. Brack, 1987-presentAlmond Delano, World War IIBrittany A. Dias, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Joe Kekahbah, 1994-95

Kayla Kramer, 1987-99, Operation Desert Storm

Sam Lavers

William H. Pappan Jr., World War II

Bob L. Wall

Johnnie J. Wall, 1968-72, Vietnam

Danny Angel


Jerry Allen Moore (Stubbs)

Robert Allen

Billy Gene (Pete) Auld, 1941-45, World War II

Sammie Bellmard

Harry Joe Gaston, World War II

Paul Hardy Jr., Vietnam

Tom Hardy

Billy Gene Jones, Korea

Patrick Kevin Simpson

Multiple branches

Jack Bailey Bellmard, 1944-46, Navy, Army,

       World War II, Korea

Herb G. Farnsworth, 1950-54, Korea, Army, Air Force

Carl A. Farnsworth, 1942-45, Army, Air Force,

World War II

Archie Littlewalker, Army, Air Force

Joe Mehojah, 1947-77, Marines/Coast Guard, Korea

Unknown branches

Kenneth (Bud) Ballaugh

Larry Bellmard

Leo Bellmard

Chad Chrisco

Claude Clark

William B. Delano

Leonard Dennison

Larry Estes

George B. Hardy

Paul Hardy Sr.

Eva Munroe Jones

Anthony Kekahbah

Arthur “Sonny” Kekahbah

Billy J. Kekahbah

Frank Kekahbah

Paul Kekahbah

Roland Kekahbah

Sam Kekahbah

Bobby Littlewalker

Chuck Mehojah

Emmett Mehojah

Melburn Mehojah

Ray Mehojah

George Munroe

Roy Munroe

William Roy Munroe

Daniel Murray

Vincent Murray

Daniel L. Pappan

John Clayton Pappan

Walter Pappan

Dean Pepper

Corky Preston

John Test

Earl Williams

Charles Willis

Bobby Woodring

Hazel Wright

Gerald Kekahbah

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