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American Legion Post 259 honors Kaw Nation

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American Legion Post 259 Commander Marv Sandbek believed the post, as well as the town of Braman, was in a journey akin to “The Wizard of Oz” while saying they only needed to trust someone’s vision.

“We have friends who will help us get to the Emerald City if we trust their vision,” he said.

On Thursday, the post presented a proclamation to Kaw Nation, recognizing its friendship.
“I’m not going to let tonight go by or let the ribbon cutting of the casino go by without an official thank you from us,” Sandbek said. “With these few words, please accept our heart and accept our spirit of love and appreciation for all you do for us and all we do together.”

Sandbek directly addressed Tribal Chairman Guy Munroe for the nation’s support.

“Comrade, fellow legionnaire, fellow veteran, thank you for all you do to help promote the programs, the policies, the dreams, the visions of the American Legion. None of this would be possible without you,” he said.

Munroe thanked Post 259 for the recognition while expressing the vision for Braman.

“I appreciate this very much for the Kaw Nation. You know we try very hard to make things work. This was in our process 12 years ago. It’s looking good right now, but it’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be really nice because people like this are going to run it,” Munroe said.

Post 259, whose home is owned by owned by the Kaw Enterprise Development Authority and has been leased to the post since it opened in 2012, has partnered with the nation on several projects. Legionnaires give time to help with operation of Kaw Nation’s recycling center. Post 259 has served as the color guard at the Kaw Powwow. Along with the town of Braman, they won a Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Team Builder award last year.

Meanwhile, Kaw Nation has become a mainstay in Braman. Besides its enterprises, the Kanza Travel Plaza and SouthWind Casino Braman, the nation has participated in parades, brings students from Braman School to the Beaver Creek Wetland and helps the town with water in case of emergency. Kaw Nation built a water tower near the travel plaza. KEDA renovated the sidewalk outside the post home.

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