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Kanza Health Clinic Expansion Grant

The Kanza Health Clinic was awarded an Indian Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the expansion of its Newkirk facility on Sept. 30.

This grant is expected to cut the waiting list that has plagued the clinic, which is estimated to be more than 1,240 patients.
“Chairman [Guy] Munroe determined this as a great need within Kaw Nation due to the number of patients seen and the tremendous wait list,” said Grants and Contracts Director Bernadette Hicks.

“Mr. Munroe has worked with the Grants Department through the entire development of this project to help ensure funding and to make sure that the expansion efforts were guided in the best interest of tribal members.”

With the expansion, the Women’s Health Program, Diabetes Program, Kanza Dental Clinic and Kanza Pharmacy will be relocated to an adjacent building, which will be built.

The dental clinic would see an expanded spaace in this building.

The new building will include a drive-through window for the pharmacy.

The present clinic building would be dedicated to the medical aspect of the clinic.

Also, a physician would be added to the clinic to address the health needs of all the Native Americans it serves.

An additional building will be constructed, which will connect to the present clinic building on River Road through a breezeway.
Kaw Nation has been working on the project with the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers.

The Kanza Health Clinic, which opened in March 1998 and opened the Women’s Health Program the following year and the Kanza Dental Clinic in June 2010, vows to maintain its sound handicap accessibility with the expansion.

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