Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Domestic Violence Walk

Kaw Nation justice programs participated in the third annual Six Nations Walking Together Against Domestic Violence event on Oct. 17 at Pioneer Park in Ponca City.

Kaw Nation Domestic Violence Program Coordinator Whitney LeGrand and Tribal Government Coordinator Dawn Rowe spoke at the event. While thanking tribal councils for supporting domestic violence programs, Rowe spoke about Kaw Nation’s holistic approach to domestic violence and the origin of the walk.

“Our tribes are so close together and we consider each other collaborative partners. We speak to each other on a daily basis. Our whole goal is to never turn a victim of domestic violence away. They should never have to hear, ‘We can’t help you.’ That’s why we keep this network going. We just want to spread awareness that there are programs to help you,” she said.

The walk, which had 214 participants, went around Pioneer Park. Kaw Nation Police Department helped marshal the walk.

Also representing the nation was Kaw Nation Princess Casey Horinek. The princesses from the nations placed honor shawls on seats near the lectern in honor of those who couldn’t be there.

Behind the lectern stood silent witness, red silhouettes with stories of domestic violence victims.

Corey Spottedbear was the keynote speaker.

“When you raise your kids, remember, do you want your daughter to grow up and think it’s okay to get beat or do you want your son to think it’s okay to hurt his wife or his girlfriend?” he asked the audience.

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