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Tribal Youth Program

Tribal Youth ProgramTribal Youth Program

Mission Statement:  Promote wellness, awareness and strength in Native youth through cultural education

Kaw Nation wishes to encourage the success of our Tribal and Native American Youth, ages 12 through 18, by providing tribally enhanced activities, counseling, and a gateway to continuing education and career planning through grant funding.  The program works to reduce the percentage of teen pregnancy, high school dropout, substance abuse, and suicide rate.  We wish to invest in our youth to provide a better nation for their future.

Tribal Youth Program Services Provided

  • Counseling for at-risk youth to encourage youth to stay in school, graduate on time, prevent teen pregnancy, and stay out of the court system
  • Counseling for rendered youth that have experienced teen pregnancy and drop-out to gain positive re-entry and career planning including the completion of high school
  • Youth based educational and cultural activities that promote life skills management, independence, education, and positive decision making
  • Youth based activities that teach culturally appropriate skills needed to stay in school; resist substance abuse; prevent teen pregnancy; prevent sexual abuse; foster positive relations with peers and adults; learn self-advocacy; and build pro-social skills

Mentoring and Mentee Services  

Kaw Nation Tribal Youth Program is always looking for mentors who are at least 18 years of age who can commit to spending time with the youth.  Please contact the Kaw Nation Tribal Youth Coordinator, Kathy Alward, at 580-362-1045 if you can help with this most important project to encourage the success of our youth.

How to apply for the Tribal Youth Program

Contact Kathy Alward, the Kaw Nation Tribal Youth Coordinator, by phone at 580-362-1045 or by email at kalward@kawnation.com.  You can also stop by the Tribal Youth Program Office at 3251 E. River Road in Newkirk, OK 74647.

Meet Our New Tribal Youth Program Coordinator

Kathy Alward  

Tribal Youth Program Coordinator                                                                                                                                                             

Hawe’ my name is Kathy Alward.  I am a certified teacher who has a strong desire to help Tribal and Native American youth to find success in the best way possible.   I enjoy teaching and working with youth, because I can then also learn from others.  I continue to learn about Kaw and Native American Culture, and I would like to promote this culture to the youth, ages 12 through 18.  I raised 3 sons as a single mother, and I now also have a granddaughter, so I understand the struggles that youth face today and the challenges of raising children as a single parent.  I enjoy my family very much, and I would like to encourage unity within the family structure.  I have a lifetime of experience that I believe can help encourage youth to understand the importance of believing in themselves, finding the right path, and staying positive through any adversity.

I believe in our youth, and I am blessed to be part of their journey through the Tribal Youth Program.  I look forward to doing all that I can do to help our youth to be the best that they can be.


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