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The Housing Authority of the Kaw Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma is soliciting sealed proposals for providing legal services.

Scope of services will include: (A)Knowledge of state and federal housing regulations. (B) Ability to attend meetings, when requested. (C) representation offered to the Housing Authority in assigned litigations; (D) Ability to deal with the demands and needs of the Board of Commissioners, Executive Director and other staff members in providing legal actions/opinions; (E) Demonstrate other areas of expertise that may be accessed.

The proposal should include, but not limited to, the following:

Hourly rate and number of attorney’s/staff persons projected to be assigned.

  1. Incidental costs: IE – administrative costs, copying rates, etc.
  2. Size of staff/firm and resumes for each member participating.
  3. Detailed history of experience with Indian Housing, examples to be included.
  4. Prior work experience in Indian Housing.

Questions regarding this R.F.P. are to be sent to the Executive Director at the following email address: kawhousing@yahoo.com.

Proposals should include three copies in order to be considered.  Incomplete submittals and fax transmissions will be rejected.  Submittals are to be mailed or delivered to The Kaw Housing Authority P. O. Box 371 or #9 Kanza Lane, Newkirk, OK  74647.

Note: The Kaw Housing Authority reserves the right to accept the lowest, best, responsible or responsive proposal.  The Kaw Housing Authority will exercise its discretion in awarding the contract to the firm who best satisfies the needs of the Authority.  Indian Preference will be given.  The Kaw Housing Authority reserves the right to negotiate with the firm awarded the contract, after the contract is signed.  The Kaw Housing Authority also reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any and all irregularities.  Applicants may be interviewed to clarify proposals.

The Kaw Housing Authority was established October 17th, 1977, to serve low income Native Americans with affordable and adequate housing.
We’ve helped numerous Native American families purchase their homes in the areas of Newkirk, Kaw City, Ponca City, Blackwell and Braman, Oklahoma.

We currently offer a Homeownership Program. Homeowners will be able to purchase homes in our jurisdictional area at 0% interest based upon their family’s total gross income. Kaw tribal members do have preference.

Down Payment Assistance – is available to Kaw tribal members only, for a onetime payment of $2,000 that will be applied to the closing cost.

Click here to download application.

Our office is located at 9 Kanza Lane, Newkirk, OK, behind the Kanza Child Care Center and are open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call (580)-362-6264 and ask for to Reba Redelman (Executive Director),  Brandy Welch (Housing Specialist) or Natasha Osteen (housing counselor).

Fax (580)-362-3986, or email: kawhousing@yahoo.com

Kaw Housing Authority Board Members
Jason Murray -Chair
Debbie Lewman – Vice Chair
Mary Butler -Member
Cheri Dunn – Member
Patti Kramer – Member

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 580-362-6264 or email to kawhousing@yahoo.com.


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