Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Housing Authority

The Kaw Housing Authority was established October 17th, 1977, to serve low-income Native Americans with affordable and adequate housing.
We’ve helped numerous Native American families purchase their homes in the areas of Newkirk, Kaw City, Ponca City, Blackwell and Braman, Oklahoma.

We currently offer a Homeownership Program. Homeowners will be able to purchase homes in our jurisdictional area at 0% interest based upon their family’s total gross income. Kaw tribal members do have preference.

Housing Application for the Low Rent, NAHASDA, and Mutual Help Housing Programs for the Housing Authority of the Kaw Tribe.

Click here to download the application

Down Payment Assistance  is available to Kaw tribal members only, for a onetime payment of $2,500 that will be applied to the closing cost. See Down Payment Assistance application for more details.

Click here to download application.

Maintenance Policy for the Low Rent, NAHASDA, and Mutual Help Housing Programs for the Housing Authority of the Kaw Tribe.

Click here to download the policy

Storm Shelter Policy – This program is designed to provide safe shelter and protection from violent storms, tornados, and unforseen disasters for Kaw Housing Authority clients and their families.

Click here to download the Storm Shelter Application

The Housing Rehabilitation Program of the Kaw Housing Authority provides emergency, rehabilitation, and housing accessibility repairs to qualifying homeowners throughout the Kaw Housing Authority jurisdictional area. This area includes Newkirk, Ponca City, Blackwell, Braman and Kaw City and may also include rural areas primarily within Kay County of Oklahoma. This program is for Kaw Tribal members only. This program will pay up to a maximum of$8,000
per lifetime, as long as the funding is available.

Click Here For More Details And Application For Kaw Housing Authority Rehabilitation Program & Useful Life Policy

The College Housing Assistance Policy is available for Kaw Tribal members who are attending a college/university. College being defined as “a higher education institute, including those that offer programs in the arts and sciences, technical and vocational schools, and junior community colleges. University being defined as “an institution that provides graduate and professional education in addition to four-year post-secondary education .”

Click Here For More Information And Application For College Housing Application

The Summer Youth Program is a program to assist Native youth living in Kaw Housing Authority’s Homeownership, Mutual Help or Rental homes to afford summer sport programs, whom are income eligible, based on the income guidelines currently in effect for home ownership.

Click Here For More Information And Application For The Summer Youth Program

MEPA Program is for anyone who currently lives in the Mutual Help Homes. They may request to use these funds to make improvements to their home APPROVED by the board. They must follow and adhere to the policy as there are stipulations.

Click Here For More Information And Application For MEPA

Our office is located at 9 Kanza Lane, Newkirk, OK, behind the Kanza Child Care Center and are open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Call (580)-362-6264 and ask for to Debbie Lewman (Executive Director) or Misty Ball (Executive Assistant).

Fax (580)-362-3986, or email: kawhousing@yahoo.com.

Kaw Housing Authority Board Members

  • Cheri Dunn
  • Mary Butler
  • Joann O’Bregon
  • Danny Chouteau
  • Roger Pappan

Kaw Housing Authority Staff Members

  • Debbie Lewman-Executive Director
  • Rachel Mitchell-Executive Assistant
  • Erin Wells-Maintenance Manager/Compliance Specialist
  • Rhea Miller-Receptionist/Intake Specialist
  • Greg Trenary-Maintenance Supervisor
  • Tedd Hanly-Maintenance
  • Dawn Harrison-Maintenance

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 580-362-6264 or email to kawhousing@yahoo.com.


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