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Legal Applications

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Kaw Nation District Court
Drawer 50
Kaw City, Oklahoma 74641
Office 580-269-2552
Fax 580-269-2301
Court Clerk
Patti Ballagh
Refers all applicants to legal counsel
Phone 580-269-2552, ext. 214
E-mail pballagh@kawnation.com






Adoption Certificate   Marriage License
Application for Birth Certificate Name Change of a Minor Child
Application for Temp Emergency Custody Order Name Change Petition
Application To Practice Court Before The Kaw Nation Judicial Branch Notice of Hearing
Commitment Order Order of Temporary Emergency Custody
Complaint for Temporary Custody Paternity Affidavit
Court Minutes Pauper’s Affidavit w/ Court Appointed Counsel
Divorce Petition Petition for Guardianship
Entry of Appearance Petition for Guardianship of a Minor
Guardianship Relinquishment of Parental Rights
Juvenile Court Minutes Summons to Appear Juvenile
Juvenile Pickup Order Summons to Defendant
Juvenile Summons Temporary Restraining Order


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