Welcome to the Kaw Nation

BRITTANY ECKSTEIN – Running for: Tribal Council Seat 3


Xuya’ Wak’o’ – Eagle Woman

Granddaughter of Carol Estes Hare, Dollretta Clark Estes and Maudie McCauley Rowe.

 Running for: Tribal Council Seat 3

 Who I am today:

  • 4th generation veteran
  • OSU graduate with a BS in International Business
  • 11 years’ experience in IT
  • Executive Support One Gas (Tulsa)
  • Wife and mother

Other activities:

Within my company, I established and chair the Native ONE Employee Resource Group and I also participate in many native outreach programs in northeast Oklahoma, including IHCRC Native American Community Committee.

I grew up here:

Due to my parent’s military service, many of my early years were spent with my grandma Carol Estes Hare.  Our traditions have always been a foundation of our daily family life. I have dressed and danced at our powwows ever since I could walk.

As I got older I became more active in the tribe. For the past 2 years I have been a volunteer on the Ilo’shka cook’s committee. I have also been listening to other tribal members and watching one leadership crisis after another.


 Accountability needs to become a core value not only within our Tribal Council but also our culture within the office. It’s important that there’s accountability within the administration, but also that the Tribal Council itself is held accountable to all its stakeholders – citizens, employees, etc.

Constitution. Ours is not perfect, but it’s our tribal law. It is the duty of the Tribal Council to adhere to that Constitution or work to change it – with the approval of the general council, of course. Anything less than that is a disservice to us – the citizens of the Kaw Nation.

Through my personal and professional background, I do my best to honor the core values the Air Force taught me: Integrity first, Service Before self, and Excellence in all we do. Through these values I have a proven track record of taking action and providing results. I believe a person should be elected on their own merit and should fulfill their duties on that merit. I have been studying our Constitution, our budget, our policies, looking into our grants – – everything that affects our citizens overall. Many times, I have been stonewalled when asking tough questions or to see minutes from meetings. There is no reason for this, our elected leadership should be transparent, above all else. Regardless of the outcome of any election, I will continue to be vigilant of our problem areas, but it’s my hope to be given the opportunity to bring accountability back to our tribe.

We are an extended family where it can be easy to get caught up in negative politics, rumors & hearsay and lose sight of the goal – – to serve the needs of the whole over the wants of the few. Should I win this seat, I hope to always be able to bridge the gap between the Tribal Council and the general council and I promise to always be approachable.

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