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Wesley G Pappan (Wes) for #3 Tribal Council Position

Hello, my name is Wesley G Pappan (Wes). I am running for the #3 Tribal Council position.

I will not bore you with a long history of my previous jobs, I will just jump to what I have done with the tribe.

2003 – 2016 Kaw Nation Gaming Commissioner. My main duties was to see that we stayed in the regulatory requirements of the State and Federal guidelines for
our casino properties. I have made many contacts in Indian Gaming on tribal level, State, and Federal levels.

2004 – Present Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association. Delegate at Large, this is an elective position by all the gaming tribes of Oklahoma.

2005 – 2012 National Indian Gaming Association. Southern Plains Delegate, this is also a elective position by gaming tribes from Oklahoma.

2008 – 2016 Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Regulators. Sergeant at Arms, once again an elective position by the gaming tribes of Oklahoma.

2017 – Present Director of Compliance/Surveillance for Southwind Casino, Newkirk, Kanza, and Braman.

I am currently on the Enrollment Committee. I have been on the Museum Board, and Cultural Committee. I served as Arena Director at the Council Grove Powwow for 4 years.

Our tribe needs a new outlook on the way we approach things, not just going off the deep end without thinking about the long term effects. We need some things
changed to help our elders and our children, I feel as these are the backbone of a tribe. We need to seek more businesses, other than just relying on gaming. We
need to pull together, and stop the petty arguing and start agreeing. I like to read thru and discuss issues before forming my opinion to vote.

I would appreciate your vote, but more importantly please exercise your right to vote, and let’s get OUR tribe back on track for the future.

Thank you for your time.

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I would like to…