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Cameron “Colt” Donelson For Tribal Council Member #1

Dear Kaw Nation Tribal Member,

My name is Cameron “Colt” Donelson and I am running for Kaw Nation Tribal Council. I want to make a difference for our Kaw Nation People. My grandparents, Elmer and Naomi Clark and Robert and Fannie Donelson instilled family and traditional values from a young age. These values are still with me today as I was a Drum Keeper for 8 years and now participate as a Whipman in the I’Loshka.

I hold an Associate’s Degree from Northern Oklahoma College. I have worked for several different tribes including the Osage Nation where I was a Project Inspector in the Roads Department.  I am currently the Director of the Roads Department for the Ponca Tribe, where my duties include:  Overseeing BIA funded roads construction projects along with working with Noble and Kay Counties districts on identifying and maintaining road ways. I also assist in the Ponca Tribes Economic Development board to help provide access and maintain future projects. During my 5 years with the Ponca Tribe I have developed a relationship with the self-governance branch of the BIA where I was able to negotiate the reallocation of funds to be used by the tribe, with such funds we were able to hire 8 employees and up to 6 seasonal workers to start the Ponca Tribal Roads Maintenance Department.

Along with working for the Ponca Tribe, I am an owner operator of my own cow/calf operation which consists of 200 head of cow/calf and 400 head of yearlings and one employee we are mainly a family operation for the past 10 years.

I believe there are certain avenues that have been overlooked with the Kaw Nation, where I could better improve our tribal development and assist in tribal member’s employment. I am a young man and believe that I can bring new and prosperous ideas to the Kaw Nation.

When elected, I will stand for:

  • Constitution reform
  • Lowing blood quantum for tribal election candidates
  • Higher education assistance
  • Lasting economic development
  • Community and elder Involvement
  • Transparency
  • Employment for our Kaw people

Thank you and I would appreciate your vote,

Cameron “Colt” Donelson

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