Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Veteran’s Affairs


The Kaw Nation now has a Indian Veteran Representative to assist vets with the below:

  1. Filing claims for disabilities
  2. Widows Pension
  3. Pension for vets that are NSC
  4. Medical Benefits
  5. Education
  6. Dependency Indemnity Compensation
  7.  Misc. Vet Info

The Veteran Rep is located in the Museum Building at Kaw City Tribal Headquarters every Wednesday from 8:00AM To 4:00PM

Phone number: 580-269-2552  X225.

Drop by have a cup of coffee on me and sometimes a snack or two.  Ask for RODNEY! Come see what you might be missing out on your benefits or what you might now be entitled to.

REMEMBER: Benefits change from time to time.   I’m a Kaw Nation Veteran wanting to serve any and all veterans.

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