Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Kaw City, OK

Kaw Nation Headquarters

Kaw Nation Tribal Headquarters is located at 698 Grandview Drive in Kaw City, Oklahoma.

There are four separate buildings within this complex that quarters different departments. They include; Food Services, Grants and Contracts, Environmental Department, Kanza Museum, Kanza News, IT Department, NAGPRA, Maintenance and Roads Department, Judicial System, and all Administrative offices.

Located just across the highway at 803 Washunga is our newly constructed Library and Learning Center. The facility has the latest technology available with teleconference capabilities, seven computers with four internet internal ports, a large projector screen, with a wireless projector that will allow for educational classes and conferences. A large meeting room is available to the public, along with a research area for the library. Other features include a walking trail and ample parking.

Next door at 801 Washunga Drive is the Kaw Nation Environmental Department.

Kaw Nation actively partners in the community where it is located. These new buildings are on land donated by the City of Kaw City.

In partnership with Kay County Commissioners, the tribe has completed bridge repairs and resurfaced many miles of a major road. Kaw Nation Economic Development plans include joint tribal-city water treatment projects and alternative energy programs involving communities and other tribes.

“Kaw Nation seeks to increase services to tribal members through economic development in partnership with our area communities while preserving our culture, history, and language.”

W. A. Mehojah, Sr. Resource Center

This building was dedicated to the late W. A. Mehojah Sr., last known full blooded Kaw. It currently houses two departments; Title VI Department, which is a free lunch program for eligible Native American elders, and our Grants and Contracts Department. For more information about the free lunch program, please visit our website listed under programs and services. This building is located at 700 Grandview Drive at the tribal headquarters in Kaw City, OK. Here we serve free lunches to eligible elders and reasonably priced lunches ($5.00) to the public from 11:00 to 12:30, Monday-Friday. PHONE: 580-269-2552 ext. 249 (ask for Ladoma)
EMAIL: lbryan@kawnation.com

Kanza Museum and Multi Purpose Center

The Kaw Nation (Kanza) Museum located at 746 Grandview Drive, Kaw City, Oklahoma, was completed December 30th, 1994 and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-Community Development Block Grant Program and the Kaw Nation Enterprise Development Authority. GBM Construction Company was the Contractor and Larry Edmondson & Associates, Inc. was the Architect firm.

SouthWind Casino opened Oklahoma’s first smoke-free casino where the multi-purpose room had been. The casino was built by Rick Scott Construction.

For more information about the Kanza Museum and to set up tours, please visit our website. We are open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Phone our toll free number at 1-866-404-5297 and ask for Crystal Douglas at ext. 235, or email crystal_douglas@kawnation.com.

Maude McCauley Clark Rowe Building

This 5,000 square foot project was designed by Architects Wilbanks & Associates, Inc. from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Builder’s Unlimited Inc were the contractor. The project was completed in 2005 and currently houses the Kaw Nation Environmental Department.

Incorporated into the design are materials, colors, and motifs that have been a cultural influence with Kaw Nation. This building is located at 801 Washunga Drive.

To learn more about the KNED, click here or call (580) 269-1186.


Kaw Nation Educational Learning & Library Center opened its door to the public on August 6th, 2010. This 4,200 square foot building was designed by Wilbanks and Associates , Architects from Tulsa, and was constructed by Kaw Tribal member Jim Butler who owns and operates JBC, Inc. also from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Educational Learning Center includes a library, offices, meeting room, a large projector screen and wireless projector with technology to allow for educational classes and conferences. Seven computers, along with four Internet internal ports, are available for public use. Other features include a walking trail and ample parking.

The Learning Center was funded by the Indian Community Development Block Grant, with land donated by the City of Kaw City.

This facility is open seven days a week and located at 803 Washunga Drive, in Kaw City, Oklahoma.

For more information, please call 1-580-269-2738 or visit their website here

Current Hours
9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday

1-5 p.m. Sunday

Southwind Express

Southwind Express was opened in 2015. Southwind Express was first opened offering an array of items before heading to the lake or home. In the beginning of 2018, gas and diesel pumps were added to the store. Southwind Express offers fresh and frozen grocery items, hot deli, Dough Boyz pizza, fountain drinks, ice-cold beer, wine, snacks and more. Southwind Wind offers pay-at-the pump or pay inside for your fuel needs. It is a great stop morning, afternoon or evening with the payment options of cash, card or EBT/SNAP.

For the coldest beer and the friendliest service in town, visit Southwind Express at 11200 E HWY 11, Kaw City, Oklahoma. Phone 580-269-1105 or email southwindexpress@att.net.

Hours: 6:00 am-10:00 pm Mon-Sunday (hours will change for winter season closing at 9 pm)

Southwind Ice

Southwind Ice is a standalone ice machine that is located west of the Kaw Nation tribal headquarters. Southwind Ice provides bags for ice or you can fill your cooler before heading to the lake. The machine also provides filter water to fill gallon containers or jugs for water coolers.

The hours of the machine are 24 hours, unless stated on the machine for maintenance or winter.

Phone number is 580-269-2552

Email is lgoddard@kawantion.com

Kanza Gift Shop

Acquired January 2019, Kanza Gift Shop carries a variety of Pendleton and tribal items. Pricing varies on items. Tribal members get the lowest pricing in the area for their gift giving needs or personal item needs. Kanza Gift Shop carries accessories to Chief Joseph blankets. Come in to visit the shop located at the Kaw Nation headquarters. We accept cash, checks and credit cards for payment on the items. Lay-a-way is available with 20 percent down to hold the item. Catalogs are available to special order as well.

Hours: 8:00 am-4:00pm Mon-Friday

Email: lgoddard@kawnation.com

698 Grandview Drive, Kaw City, Oklahoma

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