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Southwind Express

Southwind Express was opened in 2015. Southwind Express was first opened offering an array of items before heading to the lake or home. In the beginning of 2018, gas and diesel pumps were added to the store. Southwind Express offers fresh and frozen grocery items, hot deli, Dough Boyz pizza, fountain drinks, ice-cold beer, wine, snacks and more. Southwind Wind offers pay-at-the pump or pay inside for your fuel needs. It is a great stop morning, afternoon or evening with the payment options of cash, card or EBT/SNAP.

For the coldest beer and the friendliest service in town, visit Southwind Express at 11200 E HWY 11, Kaw City, Oklahoma. Phone 580-269-1105 or email southwindexpress@att.net.

Hours: 6:00 am-10:00 pm Mon-Sunday (hours will change for winter season closing at 9 pm)

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