Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Transportation Program

Welcome to the Kaw Nation
Transportation Department


The Kaw Nation Transportation Department was established in 1990 to provide a safe and convenient public access within the Kaw Nation’s boundaries and tribal statistical area, to consider public access to new development, to conform and complement with the area-wide transportation systems, to assist with the economic development of the Kaw Nation, and to account for and incorporate the preservation and enhancement of cultural and environmental resources.


Kaw Nation Transportation Department’s Goals and Priorities:

  • to satisfy the requirements of 25 CFR Part 170;
  • to provide an accurate overview of the existing transportation system;
  • to identify roads that will provide safe and efficient public access to all Tribal properties and facilities within the jurisdictional boundaries;
  • to plan for the maintenance of existing facilities and for the construction of future transportation facilities;
  • and, to assist the economic development of the Kaw Nation while protecting natural and cultural resource values.


Transportation Program

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National Bridge Inventory (NBI)

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Contact Information

Drawer 50
698 Grandview Dr.
Kaw City, OK 74641

(580) 269-2552

Skyler Mathews
Ext. 234

Jaelin Kent
Ext. 221

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