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Kanza Early Child Development Center (KECDC) Programs

Kanza Early Child Development Center (KECDC) Programs

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Block Center

The block center allows our little ones to use their imagination and build, using a variety of materials.  They can build cities and roads and drive the cars around their “town”.  They develop their imagination using wooden unit blocks, foam blocks, and hollow blocks.  They learn about construction workers and architects while playing the role of these people

Science Center

The science center allows the children to expand their knowledge about nature – animals, insects, leaves, etc.  They learn about motion and gravity when playing withs balls, ramps, and sensory tubes.  The little one’s love exploring with magnifying glasses and color paddles.

Dramatic Play

Our littles love to cook in the house center and learn social emotional skills while playing with baby dolls.  They can dress up as a policeman, fireman, nurse, doctor, or other person and learn what the use certain instruments (stethoscope, fire extinguisher, etc.) for.

Manipulative Center

Children practice their fine motor and cognitive skills while putting together puzzles, stacking cups, and building with magna tiles or Mega blocks.  They also learn how to play cooperatively with other children when playing games in this center.

Library Center

Our little ones are given a variety of books to look at and read.  This center helps children learn which way to hold a book, how to turn the pages, and learn what words are, among other necessary skills.  Books are changed out weekly to coincide with the weekly lesson plan.  They are offered a variety of sensory books and books that help teach numbers, letters, and colors.

Sensory Play

Sensory play allows our littles to learn with their senses.  They play with snow, leaves, apples, dry cereal, and many other things.  A variety of items are used to help the children learn how to use their senses and to let them explore items in a safe way.

Outdoor Play

We have a large outdoor playground where the children can improve on their gross motor skills.  They climb, throw and kick balls, ride the balance bikes or scooters, and crawl through tunnels.  During inclement weather, the teachers provide the children with gross motor activities indoors.  There are climbers in the classrooms and children toss and kick balls.  The teachers also set up obstacle courses for the children to work through.

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