Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Environmental Program

Welcome to the Kaw Nation Environmental Department.

The Kaw Nation Environmental Department was established in 1996 by the Kaw Nation to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of our natural resources for the benefit of the people of the Kaw Nation and their descendants. Our office is located at the west end of the Kaw Nation Administration Complex. We are available Monday through Friday to review your concerns or answer any questions.

Kaw Nation Environmental Department’s Goals and Priorities

  • Represent Tribal interests to public and private entities.
  • Develop a communication network inside and outside the Tribe on environmental principles and practices.
  • Establish environmental management as a fundamental institutional part of the Tribe.
  • Support water rights and the development of enforceable water quality standards.
  • Land acquisition and management.
  • Facilitate safe drinking water and water quality for Tribal members and the public by supporting water treatment plants and distribution.
  • Encourage environmental stewardship among nearby schools and Tribal youth.
  • Arkansas River Watershed Protection Program.
  • Provide the professional capacity for environmental assessments.
  • Restore ecologically degraded areas through wetland enhancement.


Attention Hunting & Fishing License holders: Kaw Nation EPA is currently updating our current Hunting & Fishing License system, to better serve the tribal community. We are in the process of collecting information from all Hunting & Fishing license holders.  Kaw Nation EPA is asking all Hunting & Fishing license holders to contact us.

Please contact Lana Burke by phone, email or by mail.
Kaw Nation Enrollment
Drawer 50, Kaw City, OK 74641
Phone: 580-269-2552

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801 Washunga Drive
Kaw City, OK 74641
Telephone: (580) 269-1203
Fax: (580) 269-2368: Attn ENVIRONMENTAL
Tribal Members: If you wish to request Tribal services (mold, water, radon, soil testing, etc.), please feel free to complete the Tribal Service Request Form. We'll be happy to discuss these requests with you to further educate ourselves with your problem in order to find the best solution.
Kaw Enterprises: If you wish to schedule an Environmental, Underground Storage Tank or Food Inspection please complete the Tribal Service Request form below and indicate which type of inspection you are requesting. The KNED will contact you with an appointment time.
Schools and other Educational Institutions: If you wish to schedule a study tour and/or are requesting educational supplies, please complete the Tribal Service Request form. The KNED will contact you at our earliest convenience.
Please feel free to complete our Environmental Questionnaire. Your feedback can improve the quality of services offered by the KNED and could increase the likelihood of federal funding for specific projects. If you are an enrolled Tribal member, your participation is strongly encouraged.
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