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Kaw Nation Citizenship

Kaw Nation Citizens are basically the same as citizens are to other nations. This department handles all aspects of citizenship from maintaining vital records of old and new citizens alike.


Citizenship requirements are defined in Article III of the Kaw Nation Constitution ratified-2011. The primary requirement is a demonstrated line of ancestry from one or more individuals listed on the 1902 Kaw Indian Allotment Roll. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For more details, please read the Constitutional excerpt below:


Section 1. Qualifications. The citizens of the Kaw Nation shall include:

  1. All persons enrolled as of the date of ratification of this Constitution as citizens of the Kaw Nation who met the citizenship requirements prescribed by the Kaw Nation.

  2. All persons who are descendants by blood of an original Kaw Indian allottee or allottees whose name or names appear on the 1902 Kaw Indian Allotment Roll, except the following persons:

    1. Those persons otherwise entitled to enrollment who, as adults, elect to be enrolled with another tribe, provided that nothing in this Constitution shall prohibit citizens of the Kaw Nation from claiming descendancy in other tribes.

    2. Those persons otherwise entitled to enrollment who, as adults, have received any payments in land or money by virtue of having been enrolled with some other tribe.

  3. No persons, otherwise eligible for enrollment, shall be denied enrollment because they have purchased or received through inheritance land or money of another tribe or because they are considered by another tribe as a member of that tribe by virtue of their purchase or inheritance of such land or money or by the circumstances of their birth without affirmative application for membership by or on behalf of such persons.

Section 2. Authority of the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council shall have the authority to establish by law:

  1. The procedures for enrollment of persons eligible for citizenship pursuant to Section 1(B).

  2. The procedures for disenrollment of a citizen of the Kaw Nation pursuant to Article IV, Section 3, (C3).

Section 3. Judicial Review. Any enrollment decision by the Tribal Council of the Kaw Nation shall be subject to judicial review in the courts of the Kaw Nation upon the filing of an appeal.


Not only do citizens keep abreast of Kaw Nation affairs, they also have a say in them. All mentally competent tribal citizens above the age of 18 make up the Tribal Council. Article IV of the Constitution defines how this body participates in the decision making process and impacts tribal policy. This is achieved through regular voting, holding elected office, serving on tribal boards, as well as exercising popular initiative and referendum. In exchange, the Kaw Nation constitutionally guarantees its citizens certain rights and legal protections.

It is also the duty of citizens to inform this department of any change in their citizenship status. This can be anything from a new address or telephone number to a name change due to marriage or divorce.


The first step in the process is printing out a Citizenship Application. Fill it out and mail it (with all necessary attached documentation, including birth certificate) to the address on the form. Pending a positive review and verification process, you will be issued a tribal citizen card and will begin receiving the quarterly newsletter, Kanza News.


If you have moved and changed your address, simply type in the changes, email, fax or print out the Change of Address Form (pdf) and mail to the address shown on form.


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