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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Kaw Nation Police Department website.

Our headquarters are located at 3251 East River Road in Newkirk, Oklahoma. The Kaw Nation has provided law enforcement services for its people for many years. Our vision is to provide the most professional services for our people.

In Section 101 of our By-laws, it states: “There is hereby established a Tribal Law Enforcement Department within the Tribal Administration to be known as the “Kaw Nation Tribal Police Department” or (KNTPD). It shall be the duty of all employees assigned to the (KNTPD) to serve the public by enforcement of the tribal laws and rendering such assistance relative to law enforcement as may be necessary, and to protect all persons and property within the Tribal jurisdiction criminal activities.”

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Email: kntpchief@kawnation.com

Office: 580-269-2552 ext. 228
24hr Duty Phone: 580-767-9424
Fax: 580-269-2109

Emergency: 911






Jim Sherron – Chief of Police

I would like to introduce myself to the Kanza people. My name is Jim Sherron and I am the new Chief of Police for the Kaw Nation. I am a member of the Ponca Tribe coming from the Whitestar and Warrior family. I have been married to Sarah Sherron since 1982 and have 3 sons Daniel, Caleb and Luke. I graduated from Ponca City High School in 1982.

I bring to the table 25 years of Law enforcement experience. I joined the Newkirk Police Department in May of 1990 and resigned my position in April of 1992 to join the Ponca City Police Department. I spent 6 years in the Patrol Division and was promoted to Detective, where I spent the next 17 years.

I was Police Officer of the year and also received an award from the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police in 1996. I was one of the first bicycle police officers in Ponca City, first Swat team member, and among the first Citizen Police academy instructors.  I retired in 2015 from Ponca City and started as a Background Investigator with the Kaw Nation in August of 2018. I was appointed as Chief of Police in January of 2019. I have an Advanced Law enforcement certificate from CLEET and I am a CLEET instructor.

My goals for the Kaw Nation Police Department is to have a department that is approachable and diversified. I am a big supporter of Community Policing and I believe that without the help of the public and the citizens we are at a pure disadvantage. I have always depended on my ways as a Native American to be good to others and to always be there to help someone in need. Since I am Ponca I understand a lot of the Kanza language because our tribes both come from the Dhegiha linguistic family. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to serve a tribe that is related to my own. I moved to Newkirk in 1989 and have met numerous Kanza people young and old while living here. I want this Police Department to not only act as a servant to the community of the Kanza but also to provide a service that is second to none in the Law Enforcement Community. I am always open to suggestions and different ways my officers can best serve the public.

The Police Department has just purchased three new vehicles and we will be replacing our oldest vehicles with the new ones. I have given Southwind Casino one of our oldest trucks already and they were pleased and already using it. The two newest Police officers are Alan Wilson and Morgan Ward, both are great guys and eager to serve the public. I am in the process of buying software to get our livescan machine up and running so KNPD will be able to take fingerprints to send to the FBI for our employees. I am also in the process of purchasing some much needed basic police officer tools, fingerprint kits, evidence markers, cameras, and new uniforms. I have already given one class to the officers and I am excited about the possibilities to come with this department.

Chris Haney – Police Officer

Christopher Haney is an enrolled member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and has twenty years of law enforcement experience. He started his career in 1997 with the city of Wewoka Police Department.

Since that time, he has worked for county, Tribal, and Federal agencies. Christopher Haney is a Federal and State certified peace officer and is a member of the National Tactical Officers Association. (NTOA)
He has a long list of training most of which are in tactical operations. Some of his most notable training includes : Basic SWAT, Air Assault, Desert Snow, Advanced Highway Drug Interdiction, and the DEA basic narcotics investigator course. Chris enjoys working Indian country law enforcement the most, due to the many challenges and diverse history of Indian Country.

Samantha Smith – Police Officer

Samantha Nicole Smith was born to James and Susy Smith on October 19th 1992 in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The eldest of four siblings, she was raised and still currently resides in Blackwell, Oklahoma. In 2011, she graduated from Blackwell High School and attended Northern Oklahoma College with a full scholarship in music/theater. The following two years, Samantha changed her major from Behavioral Science to Creative Arts.

From 2013 to 2015, she worked for the Blackwell Police Department as an Animal Control Officer (ACO), alongside Senior ACO John Gerian. During these two years as an ACO she also worked for Shepherd Oil Company and Blackwell Animal Hospital.

In May of 2017, Samantha was hired at Kaw Nation as a patrol officer. She attended the United States Indian Police Academy in Artesia, New Mexico July 2017, and graduated in October 2017. She also received her Oklahoma CLEET certification in January 2018. She enjoys working for the Kaw Nation under Chief Nick Krug and Assistant Chief Rob Seney and looks forward to serving Kaw Tribal Citizens in any way she can.

Tzinzio Reyes – Police Officer

My name is Tzinzio Fidel Reyes.  I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I was born in Durango Mexico on February 12th, 1978. We moved to the United States when I was just a couple of months old. My father and mother told us that we moved to the United States for a better life.  They told us to strive and to be the best and to take advantage of all the opportunity’s in life to better ourselves. I can remember my father and mother always telling me to never give up on my dreams. I was one of those kids that always said “when I grow up, I want to be a Police Officer”.

As I went through life. I was fortunate enough to meet my wife in Ponca City Oklahoma. I knew immediately that Lisa was the one for me.  I can remember telling Lisa that one day I will become a Police Officer. Lisa was very supporting and encouraging.  Lisa and I got married and had 4 beautiful children. I was working at Glass Trucking in Newkirk Oklahoma as a shop hand. I stayed at Glass Trucking for about 11 years. One day I thought to myself. I’m not getting any younger and I should purse my dream of becoming a Police Officer. I filled out an application at the Ponca City Police Department for a Police Officer position. After many calls back and forth to the Chiefs Secretary.  I was finally hired as a Booking Officer. On 11-19-07 I started as a Booking Officer for the Ponca City Police Department. I worked as a booking officer a little over 2 years. I decided to finally go after my dream to be a Police Officer. I tested with the Ponca City Police Department a couple of times for the position. After my much determination and hard work. I was finally chosen and passed all the requirements. I Attended the Cleet Academy in Ada Oklahoma. Through much prayer and determination, I was able to pass and graduate from the Academy. I started living my dream as a Police Officer on 12-28-2009.

I have lived in Ponca City Oklahoma almost all my life. I thought I knew the town inside out. But working as a Police Officer I learned there was a lot more to learn. Being a Police Officer is very rewarding. I have always been very compassionate towards people. I believe I was given this opportunity to give back to a Nation that has given my family so much. I ended my tour with the Ponca City Police Department in November of 2019. I continued my Career with the Kaw Nation Police Department. I have been with the Department for about 2 months now. I am grateful that I get to serve this community and to continue to do what I love with the Kaw Nation Police Department.

Alan Wilson – Police Officer

My name is Alan Wilson. I started my Law enforcement career in California in 2007 as a volunteer and then a reserved. I moved to Oklahoma in 2013 where I was given the opportunity to work in Tribal law with the Osage Nation Police Department. I’ve served as an Officer in several cities and small towns all over Oklahoma before arriving at Kaw Nation Police Department in 2019 where I enjoy serving the great people of Kaw Nation


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