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Emergency Management

  Kaw Nation Emergency Services 

Be Prepared…It’s Up to YOU! Each year, many people are killed or seriously injured by tornadoes and severe thunderstorms despite advance warning. Some did not hear the warning, others heard the warning but did not believe it would happen to them. The following preparedness information, combined with timely severe weather watches and warnings, may save your life.

Download a National Weather Service Preparedness Guide

For More Information regarding Emergency Management call 1-580-362-1232 or send an email message

Do you know what to do in the event of a disaster?

Download Family Disaster Plan Here


Do you have adequate supplies on hand in case of disaster

Download A Disaster Supply Kit Here


Tornadoes occur at any time, anyplace.

Download A Tornado Preparedness Guide Here


Do you know where to go when a tornado hits?

Download A Tornado Safety Checklist Here


Summer means fun in the sun, but don’t over do it!

Download A Heat Wave Safety Guide Here

That storm has knocked out your power. Is your perishable food still safe?

Download A Food Safety Chart Here

It’s still Flu season. Know what to do about the flu.

Visit www.flu.gov

Terrorism forces us to make a choice. Don’t Be Afraid. Be Ready.

Visit www.ready.gov

If you are a pet owner, be prepared with a disaster plan for them too.

Download A Pets Disaster Safety Checklist Here

Spring rains can lead to mosquitoes and West Nile Virus.

Download West Nile Prevention Tips Here

Visit www.redcross.org and www.fema.gov for additional information.

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