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Rules & Code of Ethics of the Court


A. Purpose

A. The purpose of this Code is to provide effective and fair administration of justice and customer service for the benefit of the tribal community by providing for a Code of Ethics for Tribal Court employees.

B. Scope

A. This Code shall apply to all court administrators, court clerks, including deputy and part-time clerks, who are employed within a tribal judicial system and who directly or indirectly affect the court’s operation, whether such employment is on a full-time, part-time or pro tempore basis;

B. This Code is not intended to apply to court employees who are law students, law clerks, attorneys, judges or temporary judges, or members of other professional groups who are held to a higher standard of professional conduct.

C. Professionalism

A. Employment in the tribal court system is a public trust engendered by the tribes’ confidence in the professional knowledge and competency and personal integrity of the officers and employees of the judicial branch. Court employees should uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary and of the court employee’s office in that an independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in the tribal community;

B. Court employees should observe and impart to other court employees high standards of professional conduct so that the integrity and the independence of the judiciary may be preserved and so that the court employee’s office may reflect a devotion to serving the public;

C. A court employee should be patient, dignified, respectful, and courteous to all persons with whom the court employee deals in an official capacity, including the general public, and should require similar conduct of personnel subject to the court employee’s direction and control;

D. A court employee should diligently discharge the responsibilities of the office in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner;

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