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PRIDE classes and NYPD youth diabetes prevention

Education the key to diabetes prevention

The Kaw Nation offers culturally appropriate programs to educate adults and children about diabetes prevention and management.

For more information on adult classes or youth events, contact Diabetes Coordinator Ruthe Arie, P.H.N., at 580-362-1039.



PRIDE National Diabetes Program

PRIDE is a diabetes education program offered to patients of Kanza Health Clinic. Our mission is to provide culturally appropriate diabetes care and education. PRIDE is being Proud, Responsible Indians with Diabetes Education.

PRIDE’s curriculum is based on the Indian Health Service’s National Diabetes Program, “Balancing Your Life and Diabetes.” This tested and effective curriculum provides culturally sensitive information about diabetes self-management and healthcare practices.

Classes are offered in group or individual settings.

Session One
What is diabetes?
Blood glucose monitoring
Balancing your blood sugar

Session Two
Making healthy changes
Knowing your numbers: ABC

Session Three
Moving to stay healthy
Diabetes: mind, spirit and emotion
Healthy eating

Session Four
Diabetes medicine overview
Taking care of your feet
Staying healthy with diabetes

We encourage participants to have a family member or friend attend all sessions and meetings with them. The PRIDE program believes patients are more likely to have a positive attitude about learning when family members are supportive and enthusiastic about diabetes education.

Classes are offered in group or individual settings. To schedule PRIDE class, contact Diabetes Coordinator Ruthe Arie, P.H.N., at 580-362-1039.

NYPD Native Youth Preventing Diabetes

Native Youth Preventing Diabetes is a coalition of Native American organizations that host a series of events with the purpose of preventing Type 2 diabetes among Oklahoma Native American youth ages 8-12.

Among the events of NYPD is an annual 5-day, 4-night summer residential camp. During this camp, participants are exposed to a variety of classes such as nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem and diabetes prevention. Participants also have a comprehensive health screening.

For more information about the summer camp or other youth events, contact Diabetes Coordinator Ruthe Arie, P.H.N., at 580-362-1039.

More information about youth diabetes prevention can be found at nypdkids.org.

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