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DiabetesDiet and diabetes

If you have diabetes, you can still eat the foods you like. It’s the amount that counts. Ask for a referral to a dietitian who specializes in diabetes. Together, you’ll design a personalized meal plan that can help you reach your goals.

Count carbs.
Carbohydrate foods bread, tortillas, biscuits, rice, crackers, cereal, fruit, juice, milk, yogurt, potatoes, corn, peas, sweets raise your blood sugar the most. However, carbs are an important part of a healthy meal plan. Keeping the amount of carbs in your meals and snacks consistent can help you reach you blood sugar targets.

Choose foods low in saturated fat and trans fat. This can help you lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Foods high in saturated fat include meats, butter, whole milk, cream, cheese, lard, shortening, many baked goods and tropical oils such as palm and coconut oil. Foods high in trans fat are crackers, snack foods, cookies, donuts, fries and stick margarine. Use a soft margarine in place of butter or stick margarine.

Choose the kinds of fat that can help lower cholesterol. Use olive oil or canola oil for cooking. Nuts also have a healthy type of fat. However, all oils, nuts and fats are high in calories, so you’ll want to keep servings small.

Have fish two to three times a week. Albacore tuna, herring, mackerel, rainbow trout, sardines and salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fat that may help lower cholesterol.

Increase the fiber in your diet. High-fiber foods include vegetables, fruits, beans and dried peas, oatmeal, and whole grain breads and cereals.

Instead of Try this Why?
Whole milk or 2% milk 1% milk or skim milk Less total fat, less saturated fat and less cholesterol
Regular cheese Low-fat cheese
Snack foods with hydrogenated oil, palm oil or coconut oil Fat-free or low-fat snack foods Less total fat and less saturated fat
Regular mayonnaise Low-fat mayonnaise or mustard; non-fat plain yogurt in dips and recipes Less total fat
Corn oil Canola or olive oil Lowers cholesterol
Fried chicken Baked chicken Less total fat, less saturated fat
Bologna, salami or pastrami Sliced turkey or lean beef Less total fat and less saturated fat
Grilled steak Grilled or baked salmon Has omega-3 fatty acids

For Diabetes recipes, visit this page.

Cooking demonstrations & Grocery store tours

Contact Diabetes Coordinator Ruthe Arie, P.H.N., at 580-362-1039 for dates and times.

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