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KNSAEC Programs

2Kaw Nation School Age Enrichment Center


“After dealing with quite a roller coaster ride for some time, we could not be happier with the care our children receive at the After School Program. The staff is genuine and sincere and really takes not only our children’s best interest to heart, but our whole family’s. It is so comforting to know that our children have a safe, fun and educational place to go day after day. Thank you, Kaw Nation.”

— A proud parent

KNSAEC Programs

Communication Center
Have you ever wanted to be a news reporter or design your own web page? This center is aimed to promote communication and social skills. Computers include educational programs such as Math Baseball and Mummy Hunt. Children also have access to software to create their own newsletter or design their own art portfolios.

Dramatic Center
Put on a puppet show, or dress up and perform your favorite song on stage. This center is designed to bring out the superstar hiding in your child. Children who love to role-play and express themselves freely will love this area.

Creation Center
If your child enjoys paint up to their elbows and the joy of molding clay models, the Creation Center will be their spot. Children are encouraged to express their creative talents through free art as well as quality curriculum that will be available to them on a daily basis.

Game Center
Wii Tennis Tournaments and Scrabble Trivia will keep them moving for hours. This center focuses on motor skill development and encourages sportsmanship and social skills with peers.

Exploration Center
Attention, all wacky scientists: if exploding volcanoes and classifying dinosaur bones intrigue you, this is your next wild adventure. This center is intended to engage children in exploring nature, geography, science and math in a whole new way.

Building Center
An igloo out of milk cartons and toppling the Eiffel Tower: forget everything you thought you knew about fine motor skills. Children who love to construct the unimaginable will be given free rein to a wide variety of projects in this center.

Study Center
Unwind with a calm place to study, read or engage in educational activities to facilitate the concept that literature is gratifying. This center includes one-on-one tutor help and access to a variety of literature to fulfill your child’s educational needs.

Outer Accommodations
In addition to all of the wonderful centers offered, we also have access to a full-size gymnasium for basketball, volleyball or tumbling ventures, a kickball field and a state-of-the-art aquatic center.


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