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Kanza School Age Center (KSAC) Programs

Kanza School Age Center (KSAC) Programs

Kaw Nation Child Care Development Fund


Dramatic Play Center

Put on a puppet show or dress up as a doctor, chef, fireman, or policeman.  This center lets children use their imaginations and pretend to be anything they want to be.  Children who love to role play and express themselves freely will love this area.

Art Center

If your child enjoys creating projects with paint, clay, and collage materials, the Art Center will be their spot.  Children are encouraged to express their creative talents through free art as well as quality curriculum that will be available to them daily.

Games/Manipulatives Center

Children are encouraged to work cooperatively through game play and build their cognitive and motor skills.  They can build cities with Magna Tiles, put together puzzles, or play a variety of games with their friends.

Science Center

Attention, all scientists: children who love exploring nature and geography, will love this center.  They can classify different animals and rocks, perform science experiments, and enhance their math skills in a whole new way.

Block Center

Children who love to construct will be given a variety of materials to use.  They will have access to different types of blocks: wooden blocks, hollow blocks, plastic blocks.  There are a variety of vehicles, traffic signs, people, and animals for the children to use to make anything imaginable.

Library Center

Unwind with a calm place to read or engage in educational activities to facilitate that literature is gratifying.  This center gives the children access to a variety of literature to fulfill your child’s educational needs.  Younger children can be read to, and older children can improve their reading skills.

Outdoor Accommodations

In addition to all the wonderful center offered, we also have a large outdoor playground.  The large outdoor playground offers a variety of activities in which the children can improve their gross motor skills by climbing, swinging, running, playing kickball and tetherball.

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