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Candidates are urged to read the requirements below and submit a photo of themselves in traditional Kaw dress.

To fill out an online application, click here.

A. Application procedure. An applicant for Kaw Nation Princess:

1.   Must submit to the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee:

a. a photograph in traditional Kaw dress;

b. a biography;

c. a letter of intent, telling why she wants to be Kaw Princess and how she will serve.

2.   Will be notified verbally and by letter of the Cultural Committee’s decision.

3.   If chosen, must accept verbally and submit her Letter of Acceptance.  The Cultural Committee will then schedule a date for the Selected Princess to attend a meeting to go over the expectations and requirements.

B. Materials received. Each Princess will receive a “Princess Packet” and must sign an acknowledgment of its receipt. The packet will contain:

1.   a list of eligibility requirements;

2.   a language CD;

3.   Kaw Nation history;

4.   Kaw Nation tribal information.

C.  Requirements during reign as Princess

1.     Must wear Kaw traditional dress — broadcloth skirt with pleat, traditional Kaw shirt, yarn belt, traditional Kaw moccasins and leggings — at all Powwows and ceremonial functions where she represents the Kaw Nation.

2.     Must be of good character, be willing to greet the public, and be a good ambassador for the Kaw Nation.

3.     Must be of Kaw descent or legally adopted by an enrolled Kaw tribal member.

4.     Must be a current student in junior high, high school or college and be between 13 and 21 years of age.

5.     Must be single with no children.

6.     Must never have been married.

7.     Must be able to represent the Kaw Nation at a minimum of five powwows, more if possible. The five shall include Council Grove, Kaw and Standing Bear Powwows and two others within a 50-mile radius of Kaw Nation headquarters.

8.     Must attend other cultural or public relations events as requested by the Cultural Committee.

9.     Must know and perform all appropriate dances.

10.   Must wear Kaw crown and banner at all powwows. Must not hold any other princess titles until reign is over.

11.   Must check in with Cultural Committee one hour prior to each event.

12.   Must participate in all afternoon and evening sessions at the Kaw Powwow and Council Grove Powwow in traditional Kaw dress.

13.   Must learn enough Kaw language to give a greeting and/or prayer at public events.

14.   Must be willing to fulfill unexpired term of her successor, if said successor has relinquished title (see below).

15.   Must sit in the powwow arena if seating for princesses is provided.

D.  Policies and procedures

1.     A one thousand-dollar ($1,000) princess fund has been established.

2.     Princess requirements for 2012-2013 candidates will be published in the Kanza News, distributed at General Council meetings, and posted at Kaw Nation facilities. If no candidates submit applications, the Princess will be selected by invitation from the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee.

3.     If any Kaw Nation Princess is determined by the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee after a fair hearing to be unable to perform her duties or unfit to represent Kaw Nation, she will be asked to relinquish her title and crown and will be replaced by her predecessor for the balance of her reign.

Please call Kaw Nation Headquarters at 580-269-2552 or e-mail tpepper.kaw@gmail.com.

Last revised by the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee August 2014

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