Welcome to the Kaw Nation

Kanza Museum Collections

Our Kanza collection is a tribute to the Kaw People. Most of the artifacts, beadwork and broadcloth are donations from members or reproductions of particular pieces associated with the people of the Plains.

We invite you to view the bronze busts of the last full-bloods and important leaders of the Kaw; these were created for the tribe by Mark Samsil, a resident of Kansas and friend of the Kaw. We have beadwork, cradleboards, leather hatchets and carved pipes on display showing their past way of life. Included in the collection is an array of beaded moccasins from youth to adult; it showcases a variety of artwork that reflects many personalities.

The Kanza Museum is not large in size, but it does tells a story. So take your time, look through the displays and remember personal tours are available should you need more information.

We have a small gift shop available for those in search of Pendleton blankets, broadcloth, T-shirts and hats.

Crystal Douglas
Kanza Museum Director


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