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Child Support Services

Kaw Nation Child Support Services

Our Mission Statement

The Kaw Nation Child Support Program is dedicated to providing a pathway toward strengthening family responsibility and thereby empowering children with opportunities for emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being.

Providing a pathway toward strengthening family responsibility and thereby empowering children.

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Purpose of Child Support guidelines

• Establish the legal responsibility of parents to provide financially for their children’s food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and general well-being;
• Establish as policy, an adequate standard of support for children in the Kaw Nation jurisdiction;
• Make support payments more equitable by ensuring consistent treatment of person in similar circumstances;
• Make support payments based on the real earning capability of parents as demonstrated in current and prior work history; and
• Improve the efficiency of child support establishment and enforcement.
• Provide for the administrative and judicial procedures for establishment, modification, termination and enforcement of child support.

Who can apply for our services

• Any person who is a member of the Kaw Nation or a minor who is eligible to be a member
• Any person residing within the Kay County area who is alleged to be the parent of a Native American child or an Indian child residing within the jurisdiction of the Kaw Nation.
• Any person who is subject to the jurisdiction as provided by statute or by consent or by any means that personal service may be acquired consistent with federal law.
• Any person who is employed by the Kaw Nation and chooses to submit to the Kaw Tribal Court.

Where Kaw Nation CSS is located

We are located in the log cabin on the HWY 77 access road behind Jake’s Fireworks. Click on the map at right for an enlarged view.

Services we provide

• Locate non-custodial parents
• Establish paternity
• Establish a child support and/or medical order
• Modify child support orders
• Distribute child support payments

Services we do not provide, but for which we can provide referral

• Divorce
• Legal advice
• Property settlements
• Visitation and custody issues
• Attorney fees
• Private consultations with attorneys
• Collection of medical bills, unless court ordered
• Collection of day care expenses, unless court ordered
• Representation in court proceedings other than Kaw Nation Tribal Court

Contact us for more information

To find out more about the child support program and how it will benefit you or your child support case, contact a child support specialist, at 580-765-9952 or kncss@kawnation.com.

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