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Cultural Committee

Kaw Nation Cultural Committee

Our mission statement The Kaw Nation Cultural Committee will serve the tribal membership by preserving and presenting the Nation’s cultural heritage to the tribal membership and to all cultures. This rich cultural heritage — past, present, and future — will be preserved through education in tribal history, showcasing traditional and contemporary tribal arts and artifacts, promoting cultural activities and workshops, and serving as a cultural resource.


Upcoming Cultural Committee Events


Washunga Days 2020 

More information coming soon.

Kaw Powwow 2020

The protection of our elders and Tribal members is of our utmost importance. After much thought and consideration, the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee has made the decision to CANCEL the 2020 Kaw Nation Pow wow due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you should have any questions, please contact Stephanie Richardson at 580-269-2552

Cultural Committee officers and participants

 front2 Terry Pepper President

Roy Ball 

Mary Butler Secretary


Robert Allen

Ken Bellmard

Kenny Wheeler



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