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Tribal Services

The Kaw Nation Environmental Department has a program that is available to assist tribal members. The first service provided is to check for mold and radon in tribal members homes. When a tribal makes a request, we will schedule a time with them to sample their home.

KNED gives out radon testing kits to tribal members for free if they want to test their homes by themselves. It is recommended to test in the colder months and in areas of the house where there is less traffic. After testing, return the kit. We will send the kit to the Las Vegas EPA lab, where it will be processed. Afterwards, we will contact you with the results. This radon test is important for detecting the level of this colorless, cancerous gas, which can appear in buildings by penetrating building materials.

The KNED also performs energy auditing and other home inspections, does environmental assessments of properties after land purchases.

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801 Washunga Drive
Kaw City, OK 74641
Telephone: (580) 269-1203
Fax: (580) 269-2368: Attn ENVIRONMENTAL
Tribal Members: If you wish to request Tribal services (mold, water, radon, soil testing, etc.), please feel free to complete the Tribal Service Request Form. We'll be happy to discuss these requests with you to further educate ourselves with your problem in order to find the best solution.
Kaw Enterprises: If you wish to schedule an Environmental, Underground Storage Tank or Food Inspection please complete the Tribal Service Request form below and indicate which type of inspection you are requesting. The KNED will contact you with an appointment time.
Schools and other Educational Institutions: If you wish to schedule a study tour and/or are requesting educational supplies, please complete the Tribal Service Request form. The KNED will contact you at our earliest convenience.
Please feel free to complete our Environmental Questionnaire. Your feedback can improve the quality of services offered by the KNED and could increase the likelihood of federal funding for specific projects. If you are an enrolled Tribal member, your participation is strongly encouraged.
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